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 The Museum will be open on Monday, 26/06/2017.



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Monthly update, April 2017.

Monthly update, April 2017.


On February 17th, a large audience attended the Museum to listen to Sue Clark speaking on 'Lewis and Clark following Lewis and Clark'.  She and her husband had been on holiday to the USA with friends, whose surname is 'Lewis', when they saw an advertisement for the 200th Commemoration of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's Expedition in 1804-1806 to reach the West Coast of North America from St. Louis.  Lewis and Clark had to follow the Missouri river and travel through thousands of miles of unmapped, dangerous country.  33 people were chosen to be in the team and they worked conscientiously recording, naming, labelling and mapping everything they saw.  They built a good relationship with the native 'Indian' tribes, but that relationship deteriorated later when future Americans moved to the area.

After seeing the advertisement, Sue, John and their friends decided to return to America in 2004 and follow the same route from St. Louis to the west coast.  They travelled through places which had been named by the original travellers and they recorded the whole journey in a weekly article in the local paper, the 'Seaside Signal'.  Sue gave us a taste of the adventure and incredible scenery in her presentation.

The photograph shows another two radios from the collection we received in the Museum recently.  The one on the left is a portable valve radio, manufactured by Ecko in the 50s, which has a very unusual glass tuning dial.  The radio on the right is a portable transistor radio from the early 60s, manufactured by Bush in the UK.  It is in perfect condition, almost like new.  Both radios receive LW and MW only.


Wireless in Wales Diary:

April 21st, 19.00 - Eifion Lloyd Jones will speak on 'The Struggle for Radio Became a Struggle for Creating a Nation'.

April 28th, 19.00 - An opportunity to watch the highly-acclaimed 2016 film, ‘I Daniel Blake’, in the Film Club in Theatr Twm o’r Nant.  This will be a fund-raising evening for Wireless in Wales.

May 19th, 19.00 – Steffan Tudor will speak about his Visit to C.E.R.N. in Switzerland.  

May 20th, 13.00-16.00 - an Open Day at Wireless in Wales, as part of the Gwanwyn Festival 2017.  The Festival is a national festival which celebrates creativity amongst older people, and is supported by the Welsh Arts Council and the Welsh Government. 

June 3rd, 10.00-12.00 - Wireless in Wales Coffee Morning, with other charities, in Eirianfa.

A warm welcome to all.



The museum organises regular monthly talks in English or Bilingual.  We also organise several talks in Welsh annually. The talks are usually on a Friday and start at 7pm. Upcoming Events are listed below with the talks emphasized.


17/06/3026 Volunteer training, HWB Dinbych, iBEACON Technology


17/06/2016  Developments in the mining industry since the 1970's  Richard Thompson, mining engineer


23/06/2016  Volunteer training - Caernarfon Castle


01/07/2016  Ioan Talfryn talk cancelled - to be re-scheduled



HLF Project

The 2 year project to develop our learning provision came to an end in April 2013.  It was funded by the Heritage Lotetry Fund and enabled us to have 3 part time members of staff to develop learning resources, improve learning displays, organise events, visits to the museum etc.  Further details available by clicking on Projects in the main menu above or by clicking here.Lottery Logo