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Monthly update, November 2018

Monthly update, November 2018

The highlight of the month's events was the Celebration Week for Wireless in Wales's Tenth Anniversary and Popeth Cymraeg's Thirtieth Anniversary. Thanks to everyone who supported us during the week, and who have supported us since the beginning in 2008! 
Among the other events we had another successful Quiz Evening under Martyn's direction and the busiest weekend ever during Denbigh Open Doors. People enjoyed touring the exhibits and listening to the 'Voigt Corner Horn', while others experimented with Encaustic Art. The Radio Amateurs succeeded in contacting other Amateurs in New York and Eastern Europe.




John Clark returned to us to continue his talk about his interest in jewellery. His topic this time was Gold and we were given an insight into how gold was extracted from the earth over the centuries and how it was used. He talked about the Dolau Cothi mines in Carmarthenshire and about an area in Spain where the Romans excavated for gold on a massive scale. He explained how gold was used as coins in the sixth century BC and the problems associated with this as people cut off pieces and kept them.



He particularly referred to the Mold Gold Cape from 1900-1600 BC, in the Bronze Age

which was discovered near Mold in 1833. It may have been part of a ceremonial costume.

We have received two exhibits recently - which caused quite a stir at the Museum! Pictured are two ladies from Lostock Hall, near Preston, presenting an Osram Music Magnet 4 Radio from 1929, containing four valves, and Gecophone Corner Horn to David. The radio was owned originally by a relative of the ladies, Thomas Halliday who was a very enthusiastic Radio Amateur. It is hoped that the radio can be repaired.
The second donation to the Museum was an Ediswan Radiophone, for sale in 1925 for £27. Thanks to Ann and Ifor John for transporting it from Cardiff.



A warm welcome to everyone to our next events:

November 16th, Richard Vernon talking on "In the Recording Studio", at 19.00.

November 30th, Curator's Evening, David Crawford talking about "Thomas Edison: The Man who Almost Invented Radio" at 19.00.

December 1st, 10.00-12.00, a Christmas Coffee Morning at Eirianfa, in association with Vale of Clwyd Mind and the Soroptimists.




Monthly Update, October 2018

Monthly Update, October 2018



In October this year, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Wireless in Wales Museum and the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of Popeth Cymraeg. David Jones, founder of these organsations, will be remembered for his contribution to the continuing success of both. The occasion is marked with a series of events for the public:



Monday, October 8th :11.00-15.00 : Radio Amateurs Open Day : Museum Tours.
Tuesday, October 9th : 11.00-15.00  :  Museum tours.
Wednesday, October 10th :19.00-21.00  : Demonstration by Angela and Mark from 'Studio MADE'.
Thursday, October 11th :18.00-19.00 : Craft Evening for families :19.00-20.00 : Craft Evening for adults
Friday, October 12th : 11.00-14.00 : Reception for friends, supporters and the media, by invitation only.
Saturday, October 13th  : 9.30-15.30  : Welsh course and celebration.




We are also celebrating the establishment of a Radio Amateur Club which meets at the Museum every Monday, and which has recently become affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain. The Amateurs established a station here on April 28th, 2014, after creating an antenna and feeder, and they succeeded in contacting 5 other Amateurs in the UK and 1 in the USA. On June 13th, 2014, they obtained a special callsign from Ofcom,"GB0WIW", and they succeeded in contacting 24 other Amateurs on that day. By now, the Club has 11 members and the Callsign has been heard over Europe and even as far as South America. Pictured are some of the members with John Pritchard, North Wales representative of the Radio Society of Great Britain.



We look forward to other events in the autumn also:


October 19th, Professor Dyfrig Hughes talking on 'New Medicines and the National Health Service' at 19.00.
November 30th, Curator's Evening, David Crawford talking on "Thomas Edison: The Man Who Almost Invented Radio" at 19.00.
1st December, 10.00-12.00, Christmas Coffee Morning at Eirianfa, in association with Vale of Clwyd Mind and the Soroptimists.



Thanks to Professor Dyfrig Hughes for his lecture on "The Effectiveness and Safety of Medication" earlier in the year. He talked about the history of medication development from the Egyptian period to today and the different types of medication which exist. He noted the need to regulate medicines to ensure that they are of high quality, and safe and effective. He described the process of developing new medications starting by detecting a chemical, carrying out tests in healthy volunteers and then carrying out tests on patients, focusing on safety throughout the process.


Wireless in Wales is always eager to send speakers to societies, schools and colleges who contact us. Recently, David, our Curator, has been giving talks to Ruthin U3A, Ruthin Probus, North Wales Radio Amateur Club in Llandudno, Dragon Radio Amateur Club in LlanfairPG and the Anglesey Society of Vintage Machinery.


It is sad to record the death of one of the Museum's loyal supporters, Alun Rawson Williams. A quiet gentleman who showed his knowledge and interest in the wireless field by leading visitors around the Museum. We send our sympathies to his family.




Museum Events 2018 - 2019




Friday 21st September  7pm - 9pm   "Your Ring-The Human Cost". Speaker: John Clark




Friday 19th October      7pm - 9pm  "New Medicines and the NHS": Speaker: Professor Dyfrig Hughes



Friday 16th November   7pm - 9pm “In the Recording Studio”. Speaker: Richard Vernon



Friday 30th November  7pm - 9pm : Curators Evening:

"Thomas Edison: The Man who nearly invented Radio": Speaker David Crawford






JANUARY 2019  

Friday 18th January  7pm - 9pm "Community Digital Radio":  Speaker Dr Selwyn Williams




Friday February 15th  7pm - 9pm : "Geography, Geology and Gemstones":  Speaker Tony Vine



MARCH 2019

Friday March 15th  7pm - 9pm "David Edward Hughes Annual Lecture": "MADE Studio: Carriageworks Denbigh : Art in Science and Technology". Speakers: Studio Artists



APRIL 2019

Friday 5th April  7pm - 9pm: "Heading for the City : Following the story of a Wireless Operator and a German WW1 Cruiser": Speaker: Christopher Lees



MAY 2019

Friday 17th May  7pm - 9pm : "The Editing and Manipulation of Photography": Speaker: Sue Clark



JUNE 2019

Friday 21st June 7pm - 9pm: "The Welsh in Liverpool":  Speaker : Mike Farnworth




Monthly update, June 2018.

Monthly update, June 2018.



It has been a busy period at the Wireless in Wales Museum recently. Vesi and Barbara attended the Denbighshire Tourism Forum at the Oriel House Hotel.



Philip Wensley from the Welsh Government's Museums, Archives and Libraries Departmentcame to accredit the Museum for the second time. The Museums Service of Wales Accreditation Scheme is a national scheme which sets standards for museum management, care of collections and service to the public, and it's good to say that we have achieved the standard once again.








One of our radios, the Foulkes Regenerative Receiver, is part of the North East Wales Heritage Forum "100 Objects" Exhibition at Wrexham Museum until 30/06/18. The exhibition also has arrow heads from Denbigh Castle, on loan from Denbighshire Heritage Service, a straight jacket and a Gwasg Gee block from the Denbigh Museum and a 1910 phonograph from Caerwys Historical Society. This particular phonograph recorded the folk songs of Denbighshire and Flintshire in the period, including 'Cadi Ha'.

We held our Annual General Meeting on 20/04/18 and everyone was thanked for their hard work throughout the year. The meeting was followed by two films about the 'Ocean Monarch' and 'Lelia' shipwrecks, presented by Tony Griffiths and Keith Mountain.



The 'Ocean Monarch' was a ship carrying emigrants to America and 178 were killed in a fire soon after leaving the port of Liverpool on 24/08/1848. Over 200 people were rescued and brought back to Liverpool. The bodies were washed up along the North Wales coast, especially at Pensarn and Prestatyn. Dr. Evan Pierce from Denbigh was the coroner in the case, and there is a monument to the disaster at St. Michael's Church in Abergele. 


The paddle steamer 'Lelia' was built in Toxteth in 1864, as a ship that would take part in the American civil war. The intention was to sail her, full of coal, under the captaincy of Captain Skinner, as far as the Azores, and then change her flag and captain to Arthur Sinclair, who was a confederate. On 05/01/1865 the 'Lelia' left the Mersey on her first voyage but the weather soon worsened. The anchors were raised by the sea and thrown through the deck causing a hole. Only 12 people were saved. The remains of both ships remain at the bottom of the sea along the North Wales coast and artefacts can be seen in the new maritime museum "Ships Timbers" in Llandudno.


On 27/04/18, Ioan Talfryn lectured on "In ignorance.  Aspects on the work of T.H. Parry-Williams". T.H. Parry-Williams was a polymath, a leading scientist, a linguist, an author, Professor of the Welsh Department of Aberystwyth University and he was the first poet to win the Crown and the Chair at the National Eisteddfod in the same year. "In ignorance" is a quotation from the poem "For My Elders" and Ioan discussed the "ignorance", and uncertainty seen in the poems. He referred to the unusual experiences which the poet had in particular places and the mystical experiences described. Ioan's favourite poetry, it's clear!


Our volunteers attend events in the community fairly regularly. Recently, David visited the Radio Amateurs who meet in Irby, on the Wirral, to lecture on 'Gramophone Technology and the Development of the 78RPM Record '.



We had a very successful Quiz Evening recently in Martyn's capable hands. 40 people climbed the stairs into the sunny room and it wasn't only the competing that was hot! Thanks to everyone who supported the evening, raising over £150 for the Museum.


There are two lectures remaining in our series before the summer break:

June 15th, 7.00 p.m., "Broadcasting in Wales", by Ifor ap Glyn.
June 22nd, 7.00 p.m., in Welsh, "The Effectiveness and Safety of Medication", by Professor Dyfrig Hughes. 

A warm welcome to everyone.


And .......... Martyn has succeeded in getting the Osram Music Magnet Three Radio from 1929 to work!


Monthly update, July 2018

Monthly update, July 2018


Wireless in Wales is a member of the North East Wales Heritage Forum and it was the Forum who recently organised a '100 Object' exhibition at Wrexham Museum, where our Foulkes radio is being displayed. The Forum aims to inspire interest in the diverse heritage of the area, work together on regional projects and publicise the projects.

As a result of this collaboration, people from Wrexham came to our lecture on 'Mining in North East Wales' by Alan Jones, chairman of the North Wales Miners Association Trust. Alan stated that the trust's intention is to "preserve the mining artefacts which still exist and record our mining heritage for future generations". Alan listed the artefacts that they have managed to rescue and preserve since the establishment of the trust, including the Miners Rescue Station, Maesgwyn Road, Wrexham; the big wheel at Llay; the winding engine house in Bersham, which hopefully will be turned in to a Museum; and the brick tub at Rhosllanerchrhugog. They have bought an old library van and adapted it so that it can be used as a small museum on school visits. Alan mentioned the minerals in the area, copper, silver, gold, slate, and coal, and he named the coalfields, including a small coalfield to the north of Denbigh. When he talked about the difficult conditions working underground, one of the audience, Denys, responded by saying that he had been a Bevin Boy during the war. They chatted for a long time, much to the interest of the audience!

Alan, Vesi, Denys and Heather from the Forum


On June 15th, the National Poet of Wales came to give us a talk, in English, on 'The Poet as Translator and Ambassador'. Not everyone had realised previously that Ifor ap Glyn had been a member of the steering committee seeking to establish the Language Centre, while living in Denbigh, and it was nice to see him return to the town and the building. He talked about the place and importance of poetry in Welsh culture up to the present day and he spent the evening reading poems from his new bilingual book 'Cuddle Call' (bilingual title!) and explained the background of the poems and essays. He noted that one poem 'Terraces' had been projected onto the side of Big Ben in London on Remembrance Day 2016, in the city where he was born. In Poland, he came across a woman who had learned Welsh and had translated some of his poems to Polish. Recently, he has been to China on a trade and cultural mission from Wales where he had to listen to his poems being read in the native language!


Thanks to the Mayor and to everyone else who supported our Coffee Morning in conjunction with Vale of Clwyd Mind and the Denbigh Museum. Over £300 was raised.



The Museum will be open on Saturdays during August. If you would like to arrange visits at other times, please contact us at: 

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The museum organises regular monthly talks in English or Bilingual.  We also organise several talks in Welsh annually. The talks are usually on a Friday and start at 7pm. Upcoming Events are listed below with the talks emphasized.































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The 2 year project to develop our learning provision came to an end in April 2013.  It was funded by the Heritage Lotetry Fund and enabled us to have 3 part time members of staff to develop learning resources, improve learning displays, organise events, visits to the museum etc.  Further details available by clicking on Projects in the main menu above or by clicking here.Lottery Logo