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Monthly Update, March 2018

Monthly Update, March 2018


We had a very interesting lecture on January 19th when John Clark visited the Museum for the second time to talk about his hobby, Making Jewels. He gave us an outline of the historical background of metals, with particular reference to the Ancient Egyptians and their amazing skills smelting and working on gold to make jewellery and tools 2330 b.c. Evidence of this is found in pictures and hieroglyphics on tomb walls of the period. In the picture from Mereruka's tomb below, there are six men blowing gold.



John talked about different metals, and the way to grade gold. He explained that pure gold is 24 carat, and that the 'white' gold which is popular currently, is a mix of gold, possibly 18 carat, with another metal, such as silver. He showed pictures of the rings, brooches and earrings he had created, and it was nice to see his wife, Sue, wearing examples.



As you can see, the Radio Museum has an iconic battery-powered Pop Art Radio from the 70's. The loudspeaker is mounted in the letter "O" and there is a telescopic antenna at the rear.

It can receive FM and MW stations and it was possible to buy the radio in red, blue or gold.


Ifor ap Glyn's lecture on "Broadcasting in Wales" has had to be postponed until June 15th. The David Edward Hughes annual lecture on March 16th will be delivered by David Crawford, the Museum Curator, and his subject will be
'The Development of the 78RPM Gramophone Record '. 


The other lectures in the series are:

April 20th, "The Sea Tragedies of the 'Ocean Monarch'and the 'Lelia'", by Tony Griffiths and Keith Mountain.

April 27th, "T.H. Parry-Williams and the Subconscious ", by Ioan Talfryn.

May 18th, "Mining in North East Wales", by Alan Jones.

The lectures start at 7.00 p.m. and there are light refreshments to follow.


Our Coffee Morning this year will be on June 2nd at Eirianfa, 10.00-12.00, along with Vale of Clwyd Mind and Denbigh Museum.


A warm welcome is extended to everyone.




The museum organises regular monthly talks in English or Bilingual.  We also organise several talks in Welsh annually. The talks are usually on a Friday and start at 7pm. Upcoming Events are listed below with the talks emphasized.































HLF Project

The 2 year project to develop our learning provision came to an end in April 2013.  It was funded by the Heritage Lotetry Fund and enabled us to have 3 part time members of staff to develop learning resources, improve learning displays, organise events, visits to the museum etc.  Further details available by clicking on Projects in the main menu above or by clicking here.Lottery Logo