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Monthly Update, May 2018.

Monthly Update, May 2018.

The David Edward Hughes Memorial Lecture was delivered this year by our Curator, David Crawford. 

His subject was 'The Technology of the Gramophone and the Development of the 78RPM Record' and he gave an insight into the development of sound recording in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He outlined the Acoustic Period, 1880-1925, when Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell invented cylinder records, and later, Emile Berliner invented flat records. The cylinder records were technically better than the flat ones, but it was possibl

e to produce hundreds of copies of the flat ones at a time, which is why they succeeded at the expense of the cylinders. We listened to classical music on a 78RPM record on a HMV gramophone, David had wound up earlier.


In 1925, electrical recording began, and this was the beginning of the Electrical Period, 1925-1960. They began to record music to coincide with films in the cinema through the Vitaphone Project and later, vinyl records were developed. Alan Blumlein invented stereo records and this technology is still being used today. Did you know that the name of the dog used to advertise His Master's Voice records was 'Nipper'?


David thanked the audience for their support which enabled the Museum to buy a new projector.


As you can see in the next photograph, Martyn, our new volunteer, is working to restore an old Osram Music Magnet Three radio. This radio was produced around 1929 as a package of components with instructions, for the amateur. This particular radio was presented to the Museum by Geraint from North West England, who visited the Wireless in Wales stand at the National Eisteddfod in Denbigh 2013. We hope that Martyn will succeed in getting it to work again!

We warmly welcome everyone to the next lectures in our series, which will take place at the Museum at 7.00 p.m.:

May 18th, "Mining in North East Wales", by Alan Jones.

June 15th, "Broadcasting in Wales", by Ifor ap Glyn.

June 22nd, in Welsh, "The Effectiveness and Safety of Medication", by Professor Dyfrig Hughes.


Our Coffee Morning and Plant Stall this year will be on June 2nd at Eirianfa, 10.00-12.00, along with Vale of Clwyd Mind and Denbigh Museum.




The museum organises regular monthly talks in English or Bilingual.  We also organise several talks in Welsh annually. The talks are usually on a Friday and start at 7pm. Upcoming Events are listed below with the talks emphasized.































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